R3 Smart Ring

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Meet the ultimate NFC Smart Ring!

The future is here. App-enabled wearable technology ring for Android and Windows NFC Smartphones.

Potential areas of use: Door key, elevator card, parking permission, presence tag, door opener, shopping-, bus- or Metro card, Elegantly leave your contact information with a swipe. All communication requires one interaction only. What this ring can do is limited by your imagination only. 

The ring is manufactured using a fast dual core NXP NFC chip, which is stable and safe for everyday use for at least 10 years. There is no need to recharge it, due to it runs on electromagnetic waves and will never run out of juice. The technology is encapsulated in liquid tungsten and epoxi crystal ceramic material

NFC connection compatible with Android and Windows smartphones.


The R3 Smart Ring is a fashionable and wearable electronic product with 4 major features NFC, M1 Card, ID Card and Health Module:

With a set of built-in NDEF protocol standard for high-speed NFC chips, it`s able to connect a smartphone to complete function performing and data sharing, that way many playful and convenient functions will be accessible. Place the smart ring within the NFC area of a smartphone to perform: screen unlocking, app lock unlocking, app quickly launching, name card and URL information sending and reading, etc.

With a set of built-in 13.56MHz high-frequency IC chips, it can be used to copy most of the non-contact IC cards such as access card, elevator card, parking card, membership card, consumption card, etc..

With a set of built-in 125KHZ low-frequency ID chips, It can be used to copy all non-contact ID cards of the same frequency into the various card above, too.

 The inner side of the ring's metal embryo contains 3 natural devices, that can improve human performance effectively:

  • FIR far-infrared energy stone (red): All materials extract from natural mineral ,so that can release more pure Far infrared ray , Scarlar Energy and negative ions
  • The rare metal germanium grain (bright metal color) : . It is a kind of rare metal and its content is only about 0.0007% in the earth's crust. It has superbly high health care efficacy, can improve the modern people comprehensive symptoms caused by the lack of exercise, working pressure and air pollution.
  • Volcanic mineral magnet (dark metal color) : Thousands years of geological movement gives it striking ability, and enable it to have greater functions of relieving convulsion, soothing the nerves, calming the liver, improving ears and eyes, and relieving asthma than ordinary magnets. 

    All these elements add up to a positive health effect to make your body restore its balance and coordination. With long-time wearing you will feel an obvious effect.

Designed with IP68 water-proof level , you can wear it in all scene such as hiking, running and even swimming.

It can be used without any power supply. There is no need to recharge it, due to it runs on electromagnetic waves and will never run out of juice.

Singulier watches, Jakcom R3 Smart ring, health moduleSingulier watches, Jakcom R3 Smart ring, health moduleSingulier watches, Jakcom R3 Smart ring, health module

User instructions

First, check if your smartphone has NFC function. It can usually be found in the system settings. If no relevant options are found, contact with the manufacturer post-sale support, or search on Google if the smartphone model has NFC function and confirm its NFC area.

 If your smartphone has NFC function, turn on the NFC switch, search your app store for the software which apply NFC, download and install them.

 Start the NFC APP, perform actions according to the instructions.

 Since NFC is a near field communication technology, make sure to place the top side of the ring chip right close to the NFC area when reading any data to avoid the failure in reading and writing.

 NFC function will be based on this App JACKOM, please search on this link to download:ins. jakcom.com (or you can search other NFC App that based on a NFC device)

General Specification

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Liquid Tungsten, Epoxy Crystal Ceramic
  • Waterproof: Yes. Also Dust- and Fall Proof
  • Languages: Polish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, English
  • Application Age Group: Adult
  • Technology: Fast Dual Core NXP Smart NFC chip. 106KB/s Data Transmission. 100,000 Cycles of Writing Operation Durability Degree ~10 years Data Storage.
  • Health Module: "Germanium","Volcanic Magnet" and "FIR Energy Stone"
  • Compatibility: Android and Windows, Limited support for iPhone (No NFC).
  • Weight: 5.2g


To know which size to order, we recommend using the following "Size measurement" guide:

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

They don't work and nobody will return my emails 10 outta 10 don't recommend.


They don't work and nobody will answer my emails

Fabian Cummerata

Delivery fast, ring of excellent quality, all work as stated.

Anita Zulauf

Ring-Super! NFC label with personal information to add contact on the smartphone registered perfectly. RFID-also without problems opens doors in the entrance at work. I'm very pleased.

Cayla Daniel

NFC: 142 Bytes Mifare: 1k

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