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Singulier watches Adapt. Very powerful hybrid Smartwatch / Mechanical watch. Use it together with an app on your smartphone. Push calls and messages from your phone to your watch. This thing is packed with features - accelerometer, heart rate tracker, blood pressure meter and sleep tracker to only mention a few. Carbon fibre case with 50m waterproof rating. Android and Iphone support. Unisex."Adapt Hybrid 2" Smartwatch
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"Royal Oak""Royal Oak"
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"Royal Oak"

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"Big Bang""Big Bang"
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"Big Bang"

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"Cheerleader"Singulier watches. Cheerleader. Center of attention? No? - Wanna be? Watch made for girls who want to make a statement. Non-discrete, sporty and cute. Dual time zone movement, stop watch and alarm are among the features.
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"Volk Racing""Volk Racing"
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"Volk Racing"

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"Tactical"This watch is just as badass as it looks. Rich on features and as tough as it gets. Large buttons that won't let you down even with your gloves on. It also comes with leather band as a more stylish option for the desk popper.
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"Hollow"singulier watches. Hollow. Expose the true you with the hollow mechanical design. Reveal your fashionable point of view for those who's looking. High quality leather band gives you a new classic definition. Quality stainless steel body makes the watch more durable. Together you and this watch will make a great couple to conquer everyday life.
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